The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds


Dogs are cute animals that are endowed with incredible loyalty and kindness. They radiate endless joy and charge everyone around with positive energy, so many people try to get this pet in their house or apartment. Today we will discuss the most beautiful dog breeds. And if you don’t have enough good impressions, then go to the PlayAmo Casino.



This is a dog-cloud, such a name speaks for itself. The animal has a snow-white coat with a curly structure. But if desired, representatives of this breed can be given any shape. They belong to the group of lapdogs.

The shape of the friezes is close to a square. The height at the withers can be no more than 25 cm. Mostly there are representatives with white coloring. But sometimes there may be a yellow and gray shade.


Representatives of the Papillon breed have good intellectual development. Dog handlers in the ranking of the smartest dogs put them in 8th place. And this is justified by the abilities of the animal, it perfectly remembers the words of a person, understands the owner well.

However, excessive development of the dog can negatively affect his behavior. Because of this feature, she can put her interests above the interests of the owner. And it can be very difficult to cope with such mental resources. For this reason, the dog needs to carry out not only physical, but also mental training.


They are considered elders among small breeds. On average, they live from 12 to 15 years. The most beautiful dog was bred in China and was considered imperial for a long time. Only members of the reigning family had the right to start Pekingese.

The Pekingese came to Europe already in the XIX century. It was the unique origin, honorable attitude and deification that left a significant imprint on the temper and character of the animal. Representatives of this breed like to be constantly in the spotlight, they require special care.

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel dogs are bred in the USA. On average, they live from 12 to 15 years. They have a fairly well-developed intelligence, they grasp everything on the fly. They are endowed with a lively, cheerful character, they like to play different games, constantly run.

Representatives of this breed are prone to obesity, so special attention should be paid to nutrition. Animals should never be overfed. Perfect for families with children, dogs are very sociable and patient.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Dogs of this breed can live about 12-15 years. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed was bred in England, initially it belonged to the shepherd variety. There is no exact data on the ancestors of the representatives, perhaps they include Icelandic dogs or Walzounds.

For the first time the breed gained popularity in the X century. Pembrokes are considered to be a smaller version of sheepdogs. This is due to a similar disposition and character. At that time, they were considered excellent shepherds, they could deftly handle the herd and prevented attacks.

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