Live hockey betting

Live hockey betting

Below we would like to provide you with a set of valuable information that will help you succeed. We will start with the fact that it is necessary to use sports betting in live mode here. Only in this mode will you be able to constantly watch the event and place bets on matches that have already started. The aim? To watch and place bets only if the team scores at least 3 goals in the first period. Then your bet has to be above 10.5 goals. It is very likely that this condition will be met, because as you can see, both formations play very offensively and not much attention is paid to defence. Of course, the first period is necessary here, because from 2 to 4 the tendency and chances decrease significantly.

What is strategy in a hockey game


If in the second period there is still a very high level of goals scored, this trend continues until the end, then a bet on 10.5 becomes more and more certain and as the author points out, there is almost 100% certainty of final success here. Another thing is that when we see no more than two goals in the first period, the chances of exceeding 6 goals are negligible. That’s when betting on under 6.5 goals is prized. However, make sure every time that the odds here are at least 2.00. Such offers happen extremely often, especially when the bookmaker believes that the favourite of the skirmish will open the bag of goals and there will be an unusually large number of them. The whole is characterised by very safe solutions, which at the same time abound in high odds. In comparison to winning strategies with odds of 1.1 to 1.6, the winnings here are much bigger. After just one success you will be able to set aside an appropriate reserve on the basis of which you will gain funds for the game in case one of the coupons fails. This protection is important and allows you to continue your strategy without unnecessary deviations. However, before you undertake the game, we always try to remind you of the obvious fact to test several sites in terms of the odds offered. Bookmakers approach the issue differently, which is why you can expect quite a spread in the offers. One brand will offer 1.80, the other even 2.20 on the same event. Getting to know several positions will therefore be very fruitful. We must also not forget about the second decision factor, namely promotions. Below we will devote an entire paragraph to them, because they make the game even more attractive. The more of them you can find, the better for you and the resources at your disposal. This makes betting on live hockey more secure, the stakes are higher, the time span is longer, and simply put, it gives you more opportunities.

Bonuses and the rules associated with them

hockey betting

When we register with a particular legal online bookmaker and we deposit our first money on the account we get a certain bonus from him. For example, we get information that if we deposit 100 USD on our account after the registration we’ll get 50 USD on our account as a gift. It can also be another form like 200 plus 100, 100 percent bonus, 50, 25. Of course this is only one form of bonus. Apart from the prize money our bonus can be also the return of the first bet money, doubling, tripling of the first win. The possibilities are quite big, and everything depends only on the policy of a given company. Usually in the regulations there should be a minimum and maximum deposit amount entitling to a welcome bonus. This means that information such as a 500-dollar bonus will require at least 500 or 1000 dollars to be deposited into the account. However, this does not mean that you have to reserve such a sum at once. If the bonus is a percentage, you will usually get the same percentage of the deposit for smaller sums of money. For example, if the bonus is 50%, you will be guaranteed 20 dollars for a deposit of 40 dollars. As a rule, however, you have to reckon with a minimum deposit of 100 or more dollars.

The bonus also has a maximum limit, therefore depositing 2 000 or 5 000 dollars will be associated with the same amount of bonus. However, bookmaker bonuses are associated with certain rules. In the case of bookmaker companies you will most often come across information that the bonus received or the money guaranteed will be available only after fulfilling a few selected conditions. In order for our bonus to be fully received, we have to meet the conditions of turnover. As a rule, it consists in the fact that we have to place the required minimum number of bets in the selected time. It is not only about the amount bet, but also the conversion rate. It is necessary to have minimum odds of 1.5 or 2.0. Only then will we meet the requirements. Even if we manage to bet the whole amount paid in and the bonus, we’ll win several thousand dollars, and we don’t meet the conditions, the bookmaker will automatically cancel the winnings coming from the bonus funds. Therefore, it is necessary to check what sports betting bonuses are available. It may happen, that we will get free money in an easy way.

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