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The two developers offer you an outstanding blackjack game. They offer you the dedicated Blackjack game under the Core Gaming logo.

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Core Gaming’s blackjack offers you a very rewarding entertainment. The table is characterised by playing multiple hands. In fact, you can bet on two hands. When the game starts, you can choose between the different chips in the middle of the table. The two betting slots will be on either side of the table. The machine has a very nice appearance and a clean design. The black colour of the table is very luxurious. However, if you are not a fan of this model, you can change it. To do so, click on the settings button on the far left of the screen, next to the main buttons. You can choose a blue or red carpet. You can also visit the different game settings, see the rules of the machine and also the game strategies. You can take advantage of these little tricks. One of the special features of this blackjack table is also the access to hints. By activating the “Hints” button during each round, the game will suggest or advise you on the best practices to adopt in order to win. If you have just started your Blackjack journey, this option will come in very handy. So don’t hesitate to press the little light bulb when it flashes. It is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Blackjack Core Gaming is a popular edition from developer SG Digital. On this table, players can bet on two hands. To do this, the player must first place a bet on the first hand, then on the next. The bet may be different on the two hands depending on the layout. However, it is only possible to bet on one hand. Note that the bet starts at $1, the game begins when the player clicks on the “Deal” button. After each spin, you can put back the same amount as the previous one. To do so, simply click on the ‘Rebet’ button. The ‘Rebet Double’ button, on the other hand, allows you to double your bet. During the game, the appearance of an even number gives you the opportunity to perform a ‘split’. This allows you to increase your winnings tenfold, especially if splits occur on both hands.

Perfect Pair Blackjack Overview


This is an online version of the blackjack game called Perfect Pairs Blackjack. To win the bet, the player must be lucky enough to match the perfect pair, i.e. two identical cards of the same suit, value and symbol. The advantage of this card game bet is that it has an option that offers a greater chance of winning, the perfect pair.

To win the bet, the participant must have a higher hand than the dealer, without exceeding 21 points. In case a hand is higher than 21, the score is won on the dealer’s account. In this game, the bettor makes a Blackjack when he has 21 points in the first round bet.

When a player has had a perfect pair, the dealer checks the cards of the other participants, if any of them have a Blackjack. If the only player with a perfect pair is lucky, he or she immediately pockets the required winnings.

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