Tactical observations in tennis betting. Over/Under

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So without further ado, here’s a set of tips that have worked for thousands of players around the world. However, remember to always follow a clear set of rules and never deviate from them, because some deviations cause a change in actions and thus the strategies will no longer be effective.

Factors to check before betting


We will start with the basics. First of all, you can always check how a team is performing in the table, how many goals it has scored and how many it has lost. So, if for example they scored 30 goals in 20 games (goal difference 21:9), then on average the team scores 1.5 goals per game. It can also be calculated here that on average 3 goals are scored per game. Hence, it is worth watching teams like Getafe, where historical events will show us exactly what their form is like and what to expect in the long run. Tournament matches also turn out to be great, as exemplified by the World Cup qualifiers, where Serbia and Montenegro scored only 1 goal in 9 games, while letting in 15. It was therefore obvious that in their last match against Bosnia and Herzegovina there would be a specific result: 0:0 or 1:0. In fact, the latter result came, which ensured very high odds for the player to win. A similar situation applied to Norway, which played against Belarus. The victory of the hosts meant their promotion from the second place, from which the visitors, in turn, always put everything on the attack, which in turn exposed them to a counterattack and a calm 1:0 for the guests. That was the result of the match, and the odds here were estimated at 6.0, which gives a very substantial victory.

Playing system for a specific surface

tennis betting tips

A similar methodology can be used not only in football, but also in tennis matches. Here, in turn, the system of playing on a specific surface works. The Spanish, for example, always play well on a loose surface, while they perform completely differently on hard surfaces. A great example here is Ivan Ljubcic, who played at the US Open and Wimbledon and who surprised all observers with his level of play… except for the bettors, who knew that an analysis of his matches and opponents clearly indicated a good final chance. Such suggestions and examples are, of course, only a part of the many possibilities offered to each player. It is important to remember that you have to make all the calculations yourself, check the data and stay up to date. Only in this way will you increase your chances and make them not completely random.

Finally, we would like to advise you to always keep an eye on your plans and stick to clear agreements. It is also necessary to have your own savings so that you never play for all cash. Then, in the event of a potential loss, you can continue with your plan and build up your bankroll without worrying about the outcome. Playing by the rules will save you nerves and at the same time allow you to do well when competing in online sports betting and more.

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